The Cockroach

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One fine day i came across a cockroach in my home. It was unpacking its bags into an area it perceived to be its new home. It eventually took notice of me and said “Hello, what a nice place you have here. I shall be your friend forever.” As it smiled upon me i struck my foot on it for a fresh even kill. Relieved i cleaned up its bags and disposed of him properly and said, “The cockroach shall always be a cockroach and never a friend.” The very next day i walked in and in that same area found another cockr…mplete disgust i found another cockroach unpacking and once again it looked at me and happily said, “Hello, what a nice place you have here. I shall be your friend….” At that very moment i began to pack my own bags and head out the door. The cockroach confused looked at me and asked, “Why are you leaving? Am i not worthy of your friendship?” To which i replied, “I am no fool. I must move on for I can never kill you but i can never ignore you either. You are a cockroach and you are of stench…forever.”

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