Tasos and his Email

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It was a nice evening for an email thought Tasos. So he turned to his computer and waited for it to load over a nice bowl of lentil soup. “This is great i cant wait to read my emails from my aunts and uncles in Kozani.” The computer finally loaded up and he typed his password away in his Yahoo account. INCORRECT LOGIN said the computer. “HUH i typed my password! Lemme do it again”, said a confused Tasos. He typed his password M A L A K I E S ever so slowly with one finger…INCORRECT LOGIN. “This is bull what is this INCORRECT LOGIN? Ohhhhh wait a minute. Ok Ok i got it”, said an ecstatic Tasos. So he happily jumped off his chair and headed out into the woods. After a couple of hours he returned home excited over the idea he would be able to retrieve his email from his close relatives. He made his way to the computer and yelled, “I have the CORRECT LOGIN now” and SMASHED the computer screen with a tree log that he had just chopped down…Tasos oh Tasos.


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