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18 March


I’ve put my emotions into my work for as long as I can remember. It’s therapeutic and without it I might’ve been found lying in a ditch somewhere.  Raven is a pessimistic love song that reminds us that everything comes to an end even if it seems invincible.  It’s the only thing that is certain, to live is to die and to die is to be expected.


Written and produced by K’noup

Strings by Dave Eggar
Additional guitars by Johnny Nice

Recorded at Orbelion Studios & Spin Recording Studios, NYC
Mixed by Johnny Nice @ Play Nice Music.
Mastered by Gigo

Artwork by Kelsey Patton


To understand the raven first you have to listen to the voices in the dark.
In between those noises is a painful set of choices, you mustn’t chase her heart.

I can’t stand losing you and I can’t get through to you.

Somewhere in the forest is a gloomy sobbing chorus and a woman beneath the pond.
You will have to leave me, there’s no time now hurry for the raven it won’t be long.

I can’t stand losing you and I can’t get through to you.

Please don’t let her rest.
Please don’t take her breath.
Leave her with me.

I cannot forget.
She is all thats left.
Leave her with me.

Raven, stay with me.
Raven, leave her with me.

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