I dont believe in soulmates but I sure as hell have met my share of soul rippers.

Vegans are the internet’s Jehovah witnesses. Please go away.

The first hundred years are the most difficult.

You can take the artist’s paintings away but you can never take away his brush.

Insecurity is a rotting fish in your mind that eventually stinks up the place.

Some people will just never understand me until they overstep me.

Women, they’re all crazy until you get to know them. Then you go crazy.

I don’t need someone to make me feel like I’m someone.

One woman’s dream man is another woman’s nightmare.

Music is meant to give you the chills, just like love is meant to give you the butterflies.

Fear the artist not the politician, the artist speaks for the people while the politician speaks to the people.

The key to success is usually in someone else’s pocket so pick them well.

Imagine for once if all you knew to be true is now a part of your imagination.

The worst thing to do to a writer is to fuel his pen.

Follow your heart, the mind is a terrible thing to trust.

True love is fixed never broken.

Friendship is in the birds.

Liars can be picked between the skin of their teeth.

Insensitivity comes from the disheartened mind.

Purity has no impression.

Desire is the devil’s appetizer.

Give a man an inch and he’ll wait for you to turn around.

In your dreams is where loved ones dance amongst stars and wind.

Children know the warmth of your heart cause they cant see anything else. Adults however never realize this until its too late.

Your conscious is the voice of your soul, never stop listening.

Real people need no reason to advertise themselves to others.

Tell your bookworm to live a little.

5 words can do more than 5000.

Disrespect angers the elephant.

I cripple you through a fantasy of truths.

A lie can only go as far as the dirt underneath takes it.

To become king one must be king.

The insecure are the loudest of them all.

Frustrations are the pimples of life, ignore them.

They tell you its not polite to point, i tell you its powerful.

I don’t play tug of war for anyone with anyone.

God bless those that are true to themselves god torture those that pretend.

A breath of fresh air is still a breath.

In the long run the short run always falls apart.

With age a man gets better looking, if not then you are doing something wrong.

With age a woman gets crazier, if not then you are doing something wrong as well.

Jealousy can be the tastiest soup with the worst case of diarrhea.

Dream of a demon and you are playing scared.

Children are everywhere, lead by example.

Your guilty pleasure has left you.

I’ve only begun to smile, bare witness.

Mister brain washer just ran out of soap.

Growing up in NYC you learn two things:
1. You can smell the garbage from a mile away
2. Nothing irritates someone more than the truth.

How many can you lead to water?

Fate has us by the hand.

The kindest of men were once the cruelest of boys.

There’s a putz around every corner and i don’t wish to walk into anyone of them.

The grapevine is my most honest friend.

I miss being missed.

If i was a hypocrite i wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Silence is there under all the noise and it is quite pleasant.

My hair is long and strong for reasons only my grandparents know.

Shame is a shirt i shall never wear.

Religion is like sports everyone has a team to root for.

Strength and honor…nothing less.

Superstition brings me sanity.

Enjoy your shadows, you belong there.

Secrets are what only your eyes reveal.

Beware of the fool who’s minutes are longer than his years.

Those days seem so far away and yet these days seem so far apart.

The piranha lost all its teeth oh what a sham.

I rest assured knowing your spirit has resurfaced and your heart has rekindled.

Indifference is such a bitch, don’t you think?

I’ll bring you peace if you only close your eyes.

Rock my boat and I will sink your ship.

Women…they climb the highest mountain only to desire beaches and sand.

Drugs do wonders to a know it all, they yack and yack and yack and so forth.

So many miserable smiles here in LA, its beautiful.

30 years and still the same little greek boy.

Your constant manipulation is for the goats.

With age comes humility and with humility comes demands.

Family is more important than anything your right hand can provide.

Hell is just beneath your feet…don’t look down.

And through thick and thin, just don’t get too thick.

All alone is how she imagines me and yet she begs for forgiveness.

Today i hurt, tomorrow i forget.

Your tears will come back but unfortunately i wont.

Tonight i wonder about my children.

I slept on your side of the bed to summon good sleep.

For every woman there’s another.

Dangerously thought, cleverly put.

I love liars…they are the clowns of tomorrow.

And all that was good with her will vanish like the great ship in the deep abyss.

Intuition are the eyes of the gentle soul.

No one cares for the wolf’s inner battles.

If you kiss someone, abide by it.

And when you close your eyes i shall come to mind.

You’ve made your bed now sleep in it. No point in crying over textbook tragedy.

I carried you up those steps for a reason.

A valiant effort but nevertheless a complete mishap.

Inspiration comes off the tails of disappointment.

The hardest part is throwing away the key.

Adversity ushers in prosperity.

A man that understands is a man that is loved forever.

I hear your steps in my heart.

My biggest vice is advice.

Your perfume masks the scent of another man.

In the end love is pure poison, dare to take a sip?

Even in paradise the lonely will find a way to suffer.

Sadness has brought me joy over the years.

Your wish is no longer my command.

My face, my voice, my name everywhere you go.

Misery is a lack of communication within yourself.

Bitterness can kill a friendship.

I pieced myself together and as a result i’ve lost touch with you.

God’s greatest attribute given to man is willpower.

Today’s kids are rascals with no fence.

I have a Masters in Common Sense.

How much for that other shoe?

I crave attention therefore i am an artist.

The woodpecker might as well be a woman’s mascot.

For every step i take another bug dies.

The voices in your head are not very fond of you.

Music is the death of me.

The home built from scratch is the home that stands the tallest and strongest.

I’d rather be loved whole hearted than to love someone one sided.

Never forget your roots for they will drag on the ground you walk on.



  • Diana
    6 years ago


  • Rica
    1 year ago

    "Vegans are the internet’s Jehovah witnesses. Please go away." I laughed on this one so hard. :D


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