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An artist himself, K’noup knows the difficulties of booking shows. He spent his growing pains booking the legendary CBGB’s in NYC and over the years has, through his own music, built relationships with many venues to bridge the gap between clubs and artists with a more accessible platform. K’noup Presents does not impose the dreaded ‘Pay to Play’ formality and is not just another promoter lost in the shuffle, but rather an artist that works for the artist.

K’noup books the Troubadour, , the Roxy, the El Rey Theatre, the Mayan, the Zipper Hall, the Viper Room.

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March 25th – Hotel Cafe – K’noup, Palm of Granite – Purchase Tickets

April 13th – Troubadour – Flavia, Haathi, MLEO, Christopher Piliguian, Titus – Purchase Tickets

April 23rd – Roxy – Silence the Lies Rock the Truth IX – Purchase Tickets

May 26th – Roxy – The Narwhals, Love Ghost – Slots Available

May 26th – Troubadour – Knower, The Unending Thread, Sir Kami, Low Leaf – Purchase Tickets

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