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18 March


I’ve put my emotions into my work for as long as I can remember. It’s therapeutic and without it I might’ve been found lying in a ditch somewhere.  Raven is a pessimistic love song that reminds us that everything comes to an end even if it seems invincible.  It’s the only thing that is certain, to live is to die and to die is to be expected.   Written and produced by K’noup Strings by Dave Eggar Additional guitars by Johnny Nice Recorded…

26 January

NOSEDIVE and the Art of Crashing Planes

Like many others, I have spent countless hours in the friendly skies traveling from point A to point B. However, for the unlucky batch or the minority of travelers, the skies can be anything but friendly; whether a hijack/terrorist takeover, a major engine failure or even a plane at the hands of a deranged pilot, flying can be one of the most helpless and terrifying feeling a person can ever experience. This is where adrenaline and fear combine for the…

18 January

The Game

Download HERE Produced by Heavy Machinery Music by Heavy Machinery Lyrics by K’noup & Gigo Photos by Jake Hagopian The Game I swear the flies on the wall are talking shit about us. I swear the guilt i’m feeling is all because of you. I’m falling deeper into your eyes. What you’re thinking. You can run but you can’t hide. We play the game, we play the game, we follow rules and always lose. We’ll change the game, we’ll change…

01 January

Out of Reach

There’s an epidemic in this country and it’s called revenge.  You piss me off?  I’ll show you.  BANG!  You’re dead.  You fired me from my job?  BANG!  BANG!  You’re all dead.  You mocked my religion?  BANG…well you see where this is going.  Killing is the darkest part of our composition and when push comes to shove we are all capable of it.  The old saying, “I wouldn’t harm a fly” is such rubbish as I’m pretty sure 99% of you have stomped…

18 October

Going to California

I recently had an opportunity to tackle one my favorite classic songs in the recording studio.  Here is my rendition of Led Zeppelin’s GOING TO CALIFORNIA in a middle eastern element, produced/arranged by Orbel Babayan, and mixed by Johnny Nice. Hope you enjoy. Purchase here: Recorded at Orbelion Studios Produced and arranged by Orbel Babayan Mixed by Johnny Nice @ Play Nice Music. Mastered @ Spin Recording Studios, NYC.

20 September


Shortly after the release of our debut single, Tsunami, neoteric project of mine BLACKMORE began working on our next track entitled STARLORD.  With Yury Anisonyan once again in the producer’s chair, we agreed that pushing forth a more brutal tone was in the strategical priority and incorporating duel 7 string guitars fortified just that.  From the curious 8 bit intro to the mammoth guitar riff to the memorable chorus, Starlord is a juggernaut that aims to please any avid metal listener and it…

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