VIZA – Breakout the Violins

Winner of many International Film Festivals for best music video including the Las Vegas and Burbank Film Festivals.

VIZA – Trans-Siberian Standoff

A post apocalyptic music video depicting social injustice through an unsettling plethora of covert symbolism.


VIZA – Carnivalia

A thrilling adventure into the “House of VIZA” where imagination can run rampant with monsters, magic and of course celebrities.

VIZA – A Magic Ladder

A film noir murder mystery, do you know who done it?

VIZA – Fork In The Road & Carnivalia – (Live at Sziget Festival)

A live performance from VIZA’s performance in Budapest, Hungary in 2012.


VIZA – Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

A stop motion video that takes you through a perverse toy academy. Might not be appropriate for mature adults.

The making of Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

Behind the scenes to the making of the music video ALABAMA SONG (WHISKY BAR) performed by VIZA

Blackmore – 72

Official music video directed by Noel Ross

K’noup – Going to California

Official music video directed by Anna Gevorkian

VIZA – Live “Viktor” at the Troubadour

With Serj Tankian.

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  • Sylene
    6 years ago

    Love you guys ! Your music brightens my life :D


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