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It was 1992 when I first picked up on music as I woke up to a voice in my head that forever changed my life. That morning I wanted that voice to be heard around the world but as immature as I was to call myself a singer just yet, I knew it would take sacrifice. Its been 24 years since and needless to say that voice has been still calling out to those willing to listen.


Born in Kastoria, Greece, raised in New York I now reside in Los Angeles where the journey has been my only muse. Singing, songwriting & touring is something I have been blessed with to an extent, for we all mask our ability to do something special, its up to us to zone in on it and bring it to life.


My name is K’noup and I am a singer and songwriter for the projects Viza, Blackmore, Minor Movements & Neurobox as well as a writer within the periscope of life.



Kastoria, Greece


  • Kristen
    6 years ago

    How do you pronounce your name?

  • Harut
    6 years ago

    Knoup, you have an amazing voice and a unique vision and you're a true talent brother. I had the privilege of working with you on a project at the studio in Sherman Oaks many years ago. We recorded several songs but one in particular was striking. I even remember the track name 'typan'. You brought that track alive. Hope everything's going well and I hope one day we can work together again.

    Im currently in lawschool, but I do still record and produce music to escape and stay sane. Keep doing what you're doing and cant wait to get the Aria.

    True fan


    • K'noup
      5 years ago

      Harut thank you for the kind words and i certainly do remember you. Best of luck on your endeavors.

  • Onan
    5 years ago

    Hi K'noup, when is your birthday?

  • Giulietta
    5 years ago

    Hello K'noup, I just wanted to tell u that your voice, the lyrics and obviously the songs are amazing!
    Hope to see your concert very soon!

  • Vahan
    5 years ago

    Hello K'noup
    As a big fan of VIZA's art I want to ask you how you decide to cooperate with such an insane people as armenians are ? ))) And do you speak your native greek language or not ?
    Best wishes to you and all the band

  • Hector
    1 year ago

    A big fan of you artistic song writing and voice. Do you listen to any acoustic guitarists in you day to day life?

  • John
    9 months ago

    I am currently listening to Neurobox Eve and remembering what an amazing, underappreciated gem of an album this is. Way back when you guys sent me a free copy of this album, and I still enjoy it to this day.


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